Config Container Control

Config Container Control Systems (CCS) provides container tracking companies a comprehensive means of tracking container movement (in/out), storage, and other activities which include a variety of services and repairs. CCS also processes and tracks bills and invoices for such activities. All of these features are accessible through CCS' interface designed to be used both internally by managers as well as by gate personnel receiving and releasing containers at the gate.

Features & Functions

Transparency and visibility: Easy access to real-time information at all stages of the execution chain to empower customers – event management control, alerts and status messaging, scheduled reports, data transmission, web access.

Billing and accounting capabilities: A variety of accounting features including automatic invoicing based on tariffs and agreements, and automatic transmission of expenses from business partners.

Management tools for controlling, monitoring and analyzing operations. Workflow management facilities, profit reports, queries, statistics and KPIs facilitate informed decision-making.

Interfaces and structured messaging for ensuring connectivity and exchange of data with all business partners in the supply chain - customers, customs, port authorities, warehouses, and others.