Config Cruiser

We’ve created a cruise line software solution that includes everything you’ll need on and off the ship. Setting sail creates unique challenges for customers looking for a hospitality software solution that will work across the fleet. Our systems include cruise booking software, passenger and crew handling, optimised inventory control in the cruise ship industry, receiving manifests from the reservations office, managing passengers' cabins, charging and crediting passengers’ folios, managing the ship’s outlets, tracking passenger embankment, managing the shore excursions sales and managing a full back office accounting, stocks and purchasing system. Point of sale hardware and software and you’ll be able to deploy our cruise line software to every ship in your organization and even the central office.

Features & Functions

Transparency and visibility: Easy access to real-time information at all stages of the execution chain to empower customers – event management control, alerts and status messaging, scheduled reports, data transmission, web access.

Billing and accounting capabilities: A variety of accounting features including automatic invoicing based on tariffs and agreements, and reconciliation with logistics partners, especially agents, airlines and ocean carriers, to reduce time spent on recording and auditing invoices.

Management tools for controlling, monitoring and analyzing operations. Workflow management facilities, profit reports, queries, statistics and KPIs facilitate informed decision-making.

Production of all required document so that can be archived digitally via the Document Management system, creating a paperless office.

Interfaces and structured messaging for ensuring connectivity and exchange of data with all business partners in the supply chain – the principal, customs, port authorities and others.

Config Cruiser can handle multiple ocean vessels and voyages with all the relevant electronic messaging and complexity.