Config Project Management

Config PM is a project management tool that helps organizations get organized using a collaborative approach. Each project can be configured with its own structure, allowing you to manage different types of projects in accordance with your needs. Furthermore, project templates can be defined and reused when creating new projects.

Professionals from various industries have substantially improved their projects efficiency since they chose AceProject. Architects, IT specialists, contractors, software developers and engineers are among our customers.

Config PM empowers you to structure projects with the following parameters:

  • User Assignment: Several users can be assigned to a project, with specific access rights in each project.
  • Task Groups and Types: A project can be divided in phases or modules, for easier management. Task groups or types are useful to categorize tasks, in accordance with your needs.
  • Task Statuses: Tasks within a project are likely to go through many statuses, from the beginning until completion. Task statuses can be created in accordance with your needs, using "Waiting", "In Progress" and "Completed" types.
  • Task Priorities: The level of urgency of each task might influence the project's completion. Task priorities are useful to identify which tasks should be prioritized. A task priority can be "Low", "Normal", "Urgent", etc.
  • Project Costs: A financial budget as well as the number of hours required can be defined for each project.
  • Marked Projects: Marking a project lets you identify projects that require more attention than others (e.g. urgent, critical or overdue projects).